2-Dutch Agency


2-Dutch has a wide background of event achievements already, from successful partnerships with the biggest dance music brands such as: ID&T/Q-Dance (Q-Base) / Ministry of Sound (Gallery, UK) / UDC (Dance Valley, Netherlands) / Soundtrade (Electrocity, Poland) / Art Of Dance (Showtek Album Launch)

All our brands are based on an essential cornerstone; music! We don't look at what is going on around us; we create what is to happen around us! It's fast growing success is vast, and the anatomy behind it is a well-equipped arsenal of dance music knowledge, achievements and experience. The ethos behind 2-Dutch is shown in its success; showcasing our brands to the music connoisseurs of the world, by shaping relationships with venues, promoters and generating a globally renowned first class event. With a view to establish a permanent experience, establishing residencies and marketing opportunities including branding and franchises. We will showcase why we're set apart from the rest, giving you the ultimate experience by providing the artists, state of the art production (if applicable) and the ultimate marketing to deliver you the perfect understanding of what a brand is all about.